Featured Writing

Nathaniel’s work has been featured at The Gospel Coalition, Fathom Magazine, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, The Intersect Project, BRNow.org and more.

Below are some samples of his writing.

Pop culture and parenting: 3 tips for shaping your children’s worldview
5.21.2019 | The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 

How Parenting Prepared Me for Pastoring
3.14.2018 | Fathom Magazine

Make People Wonder Why You’re Weird.
5.20.2017 | The Gospel Coalition

What Autism Parents Wish Christians Knew About Autism
4.27.2017 | BRNow.org

This Easter, Bring Your Brain With You
4.18.2019 | IntersectProject.org

To Work Like a Child
12.6.2017 | IntersectProject.org

A Savior Greater Than Our Divisions
7.4.2017 | IntersectProject.org

(Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash)